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​When you think of building muscle, the first thing you probably think of is weightlifting or a trip to the gym.

You may be wondering if home gym equipment is just as effective as what you would find in a typical commercial gym.

We are here to give you an unbiased review of all of the equipment you see advertised on television or elsewhere in terms of quality, effectiveness, and usability.

Another question that a lot of consumers have is whether or not those claims about using equipment for “only 10 minutes a day” will actually get you the results you want.

Our reviews will help you evaluate the claims that the equipment companies make so you can determine if that particular piece of home gym equipment is right for you or not.

Choosing A Home Gym

Home Gym Reviews

Fitness Classes

Another area of particular interest to people looking to build muscle, fitness classes can be an incredibly important part of your weekly exercise routine. Again, the question most consumers ask is, is this class worth my time and money?

Between busy work schedules, school, and family obligations, time is at a premium in most of our lives, so we want to know that our exercise time is spent as effectively as possible. There are some classes that can truly pump up your muscle building routine, and there are others that may be best for you to skip. We can tell you the classes that make the “must do” list and those that are better left alone.


Anyone serious about building muscle will tell you that supplements are an essential part of your fitness regime. There are muscle building supplements that should be taken before a workout to enhance performance and others that are necessary after a workout to aid in recovery and muscle fiber repair.

Additionally, there are other vitamins and minerals you can take daily to promote overall fitness. The best supplements for muscle gain may vary from person to person or gender to gender. We will guide you through the different options, when to take them, and which supplements are best for you and your workout schedule.

Other Products

Aside from the traditional gym equipment and supplements, there are other new and innovative muscle building products out there designed to enhance your current routine. For instance, you may have heard of the electronic muscle stimulator, a product that includes adhesive pads that stick to your skin which are attached to a machine via wires.

These wires conduct electrical pulses to your muscles, causing them to contract without any effort our conscious decision on your part. While not a substitute for traditional muscle building methods, these stimulators are fantastic tools for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and even certain types of massage.

Our website will help you determine which electronic muscle stimulator is right for your particular needs and learn how to use it effectively.

Diet Programs

Another area that we examine extensively is that of the muscle building diet. Everyone knows that there are a million diets out there, and choosing what is best can be difficult at best and downright overwhelming at worst.

If you are trying to build muscle, a lot of standard weight loss diets simply will not cut it because they are designed for sedentary people and will not provide the necessary calories and protein required for someone devoted to increasing muscle mass. We offer reviews and guidelines for using these diets to help you reach your goals.

By way of example, here are some diet guidelines for people who want to build muscle and maintain enough energy to complete tough daily workouts.

Load up on eggs: Eggwhites in particular are fantastic foods for building muscle. This muscle building superfood has a very high protein to fat ratio, is low in carbs, and is readily used by your body to develop muscle. A single eggwhite has only 50 calories, so you can eat a lot of them without worrying about packing on the pounds in the form of stored fat.

Increase lean protein: While going out and eating a huge marbled steak is not in your best interest, incorporating lots of lean protein into each meal will pay off in spades. Try to stick with chicken, turkey, lean red meat, and fish for best results. Lean proteins make great snacks, too, in the form of beef or turkey jerky or cubed chicken like you would put on a salad.

Keep good carbs: Contrary to popular belief, carbs are not your enemy, especially if you are facing an intense workout schedule, but they need to be used carefully for best results.

The best time to eat carbs is first thing in the morning, a half an hour before a workout, or right after a workout for recovery, because these are times that your body needs the extra energy for the task at hand.

Carbs are only detrimental when they are eaten, not utilized, and instead become a part of fat stores. Also, the types of carbs you choose is important – look for complex carbohydrates found in whole wheat products and fruits rather than refined or sugary products.

When it comes to knowing what to eat, what to add, how to work out, or what products are best when it comes to building muscle, we are your one-stop knowledge base. Visit our site regularly for reviews on all the muscle building products that interest you. You may end up saving yourself a lot of time and money in your quest for your ideal body.

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