The Key to Bodybuilding Isn’t Protein — It’s Persistence

A healthy weight-lifting routine will include lifting, stretching, hydration and rest. Anyone hoping for a healthier body will need to eat a healthy diet. However, loading up on protein doesn’t have to be the first thing on your list as you start a bodybuilding program. 

The Harmful Myth of the Training Montage

Beginning weight lifters can be overly optimistic when they start their bodybuilding routine. In addition, a lot of entertainment programs on TV, as well as movies, show bodybuilding as something you can do quickly with the right workout intensity and diet. 

However, pushing too hard will not only leave you with debilitating muscle soreness, but it can also damage your tendons and ligaments when you train too hard. Rather than killing yourself trying to do everything, it would be better to try a five-day split workout. This workout will let you move on to another body part each day over five days, letting the muscles you worked yesterday heal. Plus, the program has two days of rest built in. 

Growth Occurs Gradually

The right protein shake can help you reduce muscle pain after your workout. Many bodybuilders have good results with whey-based protein. However, the most important thing is that you stick with the weight-lifting process. Increase your weight slowly, build up a tolerance, and then move up again. By making small, positive changes over a long period of time, you can achieve far more in the end. This applies to your workout, your supplement routine, and your daily diet. Growth occurs gradually over time with consistent effort. This is a concept called Kaizen in Japan. While often applied to business, this mindset can be applied to improvement in any other area of life, including fitness.

Start Small

Nothing will make weight lifting easy, but the proper form will make it safe. Even if you have to start with a 3-pound weight, work light until your form is secure and consistent. Then, you can bump up the size of your weights and not put your connective tissues at risk. In addition, it’s critical that you incorporate physical and mental rest into your life after your workouts. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re more likely to make poor choices throughout the day. If you really want to be a lifter, you need to give your body the best support you can. That includes getting plenty of water, proper supplementation, and sleep.

A great workout program is one that you’ll go back to on a regular basis. If you want lasting results, you’re going to have to give your body time to recuperate from the workouts as your muscles grow. No matter what your ultimate goal is, be ready to increase your lifting program logically and safely.

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