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Muscle Growth Mistakes You Might Be Making

When you’re trying to build your muscles, there are a lot of different factors to be aware of. You need to be thinking about your workouts, your diet, and consistency. But it’s also important to know the different mistakes that you could be making that could put your progress back.


Overtraining is one of the most common rookie mistakes when it comes to muscle growth goals. While increasing your training, in general, is a good thing, according to Flabs to Fitness, you should beware of overtraining. Remember that in order to allow your muscles to actually rebuild stronger after a workout, they need at least one rest day in between workouts.

So, if you do leg day on Monday, don’t do leg day again till Wednesday. Building a workout schedule that more specifically considers your body’s limits will actually help you see results faster than simply pushing yourself harder and trying to do more in a shorter time period.  

Not Drinking Enough Water

Another big mistake you might be making is not drinking enough water. Water is so essential for your muscles to grow. When you hit the gym and start to do your workout, your hydration has a huge effect on your ability to increase your weight and do more reps.

When you are dehydrated, your muscles won’t have the electrolytes they need to perform the movements required when lifting weights. Being aware of how hydrated you actually are can be challenging. A great simple lifestyle change you can make to improve your hydration is to simply get a water bottle to take with you everywhere. Additionally, if you drink lots of caffeine, according to Granite Peaks Gastroenterology, you’re probably experiencing extra fluid loss.

Consuming Too Much Protein

According to Women’s Health Magazine, another critical mistake you may be making in your efforts to grow your muscles is eating too much protein. When you eat too much protein, your body won’t always have enough of the nutrients and essential substances that come from other plants and foods that actually break down complex foods.

In this situation, your body can actually use too much energy trying to break down the excess protein instead of using that energy to grow your muscles.

If you’re working towards your muscle growth goals, focus on making small changes a little at a time. Achieving your health goals takes consistency. And when you focus on one or two things at once, you’ll have a much higher chance of actually achieving those goals than trying to focus on a lot of different things at once.

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More Than Your Physical Health — How Working Out Can Benefit Your Mental, Social, and Emotional Health

Building an exercise habit takes time and effort. However, the payouts from a regular exercise routine can lower your stress, raise your energy and help you build muscle.

Once exercise becomes part of your weekly schedule, you will likely find that the benefits extend past your physical health.

Emotional Health

Isolation is hard on your brain and your spirit. While video games and home projects can be fun, even those can get old after a while.

Exercise gives you something new to do and helps you burn off pent-up energy, releasing feel-good hormones.

Plus, even when a stay-at-home order is in effect, you can still walk or jog outdoors for some fresh air, sunshine, and a change of scenery.

This will help get your mind off the stress and keep you physically fit during an otherwise sedentary time, which will benefit your self-esteem as well.

Mental Health

As your workouts become a habit, your mind will also be elevated, and your creative brain will become more active.

If you struggle with anxiety due to daily stressors, you may be at risk for depression. Just over 16 million American adults suffer from clinical depression.

By putting an exercise routine in place, you can better manage your stress, overcome anxiety and protect your brain from depression.

In addition, learning new moves in a Zumba or yoga class will stretch your brain and help you build new mental connections.

Social Health

Participating in group exercise classes and team sports builds camaraderie. Of course, in-person socializing isn’t really an option right now due to the COVID-19 crisis, but there are still other ways you can socialize and get fit at the same time.

Video chat with a friend and work out at home at the same time. Join a Facebook group of fitness enthusiasts where you can post about your goals and gains. Download a social fitness app.

For those who struggle with starting an exercise routine, having a workout buddy to help hold you accountable can help you build this habit, especially when you’re stuck at home.

A solid exercise plan can help you build mental resilience, strong social connections and emotional flexibility.

By working out with like-minded people and qualified class leaders, you can expand your social circle and improve your mental and emotional health.

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5 Incredible Things That Happen When You Strengthen Your Core

Although the core is often one of the most neglected parts of the body, strengthening the muscles surrounding it can lead to some of the most significant health changes. As the center of the body, the core is your body’s powerhouse. This part of the body is home to all of your central organs and also helps to facilitate nearly all types of movement. Here are five incredible things that happen when you take the time and effort to strengthen your core muscles.

Balance and Stability is Improved

By engaging in core exercises, you will train the specific muscles in your pelvis, hips, lower back, abdomen to work together. This synchronization will help the body to achieve better balance and stability. This translates to better performance across nearly every sport since most activities rely on the stable core muscles to propel the body. Canyon Ranch asserts that even if you are not a competitive athlete, having good balance and stability helps you to handle the rigors of everyday life with ease.

Back Pain is Reduced

One of the biggest telltale signs of a weak core is back pain. Chirp points out that if you are suffering from back pain, your posture is the most likely culprit. Strengthening your core muscles will lead to better posture and less back pain. Even if you have a sedentary job, you can work out these muscles by sitting on a stability ball for part of the day. This will force you to focus on the core muscles and keep the abdomen engaged.

You Will Feel Better

Strengthening your core leads to more chiseled abs, boosting self-confidence and making you feel better in a myriad of ways. It is easy to incorporate core strengthening exercises even into a home workout routine. Planks and bridges are easy to do nearly anywhere. Bosu and stability balls are also effective in improving the strength of your core and making you shine from the inside out

Chance of Injury is Minimized

Williamson Medical Center explains that strengthening your core will deliver stabilization to the body during athletic endeavors and workouts. This stability reduces the pressure on the knees and hips, both areas of the body that are extremely susceptible to injury. Strong core muscles also help to mitigate the risk of suffering back injuries. The bottom line is that a strong body starts in the core.

Internal Organs Are Protected

The core of the body houses many of its most important organs. In addition to protecting the lungs, stomach, and more, the core is also home to the largest veins and arteries of the central nervous system. GOQii asserts that a solid core is critical to the optimal function of many of these organs and systems. For example, a spinal cord that is not supported by a strong core will eventually not perform as optimally.

With all of the vast benefits of core strengthening, it is imperative that you focus a significant amount of physical fitness goals on this important area of the body. Your body will thank you for your efforts.

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