Prolexin Deer Antler Spray Review – Secrets And Inside Info

Few muscle building supplements and products have generated as much buzz as Prolexin Deer Antler Spray, to the point that it’s been featured in several websites and international news programs. There are a lot of reasons why it’s so popular now, but mainly it’s because this sprayer has been proven to get rid of body fat, build muscles and help the body recover faster.

What are the Prolexin Ingredients?

The most important ingredient in this spray is the IGF-1, which is found in deer antler velvet. According to research, this substance helps build muscles, aids in quick body recovery and eliminates body fat. Evidence for this can be found in the deer antler itself because it can grow up to one inch a day thanks to the high IGF-1 concentration level. In simple terms, this is a polypeptide that works the same way as human growth hormone does, and men can also benefit from it.

Aside from IGF-1, Prolexin reviews also prove that it is rich in other essential nutrients, minerals and antioxidants the body needs to bulk up and build muscles. It also has special ingredients that burn body fat so all your muscle building effort doesn’t go to waste.

How does Prolexin Deer Antler Spray Work?

One of the things that makes this muscle spray appealing for many is it’s easy to understand how it works. If you take this on a regular basis and coupled with a protein rich diet and exercise, you’ll gain muscles more quickly. In addition, the ingredients in the spray provide extra energy for your body so you can do more workouts with little rest in-between.

As you gain muscles, Prolexin IGF-1 burns body fat at the same time by increasing your metabolism. As your metabolism accelerates, the fat stored in your body is used up as energy, giving you that muscled, ripped appearance which would take months or years to achieve working out in the gym. Simply put, this spray makes it easier for you to attain this goal.  

The other thing that makes this  Deer Antler spray effective is the way it accelerates muscle growth. It doesn’t just build muscle mass, as it also increases your body’s testosterone level so the muscle increase is natural and not forced. And because your testosterone level shoots up, you receive the other benefits that come with high testosterone such as an increased sex drive.

Medical researchers have also determined that IGF-1 works in a similar manner to human growth hormones or HGH. HGH naturally comes from the pituitary gland in your brain and from there it goes into other parts of your body, acting as support for growth tissues.

That’s basically what IGF-1 does, except it places emphasis on muscle tissues in your body so there’s accelerated muscle growth. Aside from muscle gain, there’s also a lipolysis boost that results in rapid fat loss, but there’s more.

Benefits of Prolexin

Based on reviews and testimonials there’s no doubting the fact that this spray does work when it comes to building muscles and removing fat. However it can do much more than that as it also improves liver function by eliminating waste. Your pancreas is also given a boost which helps produce hormones essential for muscle gain.

Some of the other benefits you’ll get from this spray are summarized below:

  • Gain lean muscle mass and increased strength: unlike pills and supplements, this spray builds muscle mass and at the same time boosts your physical strength.
  • Reduces recovery time by 50%: one of the drawbacks with regular supplements is they don’t help in the recovery period, but this one does, cutting it down to 50%. What this means is you’ll be able to do more with less rest.
  • Greater endurance: this muscle spray builds up your body’s physical endurance so you can work out longer and with more energy.
  • Optimizes energy levels: the spray acts on your body in such a way that your energy level is fully optimized, be it for working out or doing every day routines.
  • Greater libido and stamina: since the spray builds up your testosterone levels, expect an increase in libido, sexual drive and performance. This won’t just come from the fact that your testosterone level is increased but since you also gain more self-confidence.
  • Natural ingredients: all the ingredients in this are 100% natural with no artificial or synthetic content.
  • There is a free trial available so you can give it a shot at no cost to you
  • The spray is rich in L-arginine, which has been medically tested and found efficient in the buildup of lean muscles in the human body.

Are There Any  Side Effects?

There are no serious Prolexin side effects provided that you use it according to the given directions. The reason of course, is the spray only uses natural ingredients with no dangerous chemical elements. Unlike other muscle builders and steroids that have detrimental side effects, there’s none of that here.

The Testimonials

Those who have opted for the free trial have ended up buying since it’s so effective. Steve of Colorado said that he couldn’t believe how quickly he was able to gain muscles, while Mike from Houston said he felt absolutely no side effects while using it. Another reviewer named Arnold remarked that the spray helped him lose fat much quicker than other fat burning supplements.


For the longest time you’ve been frustrated by all the bogus claims being made by other muscle supplements, but now with this product , you have the opportunity to gain real muscle mass and physical strength. With it you can break your physical limits and go to the next level of muscle building, and there’s a free trial, so what have you got to lose?