Marine Muscle Review – Dont Buy Marine Muscle Until You Read This

Have you been working out religiously but not getting the results you expect? Have you been working out the same number of hours as other guys in the gym but still have nothing to show for it? Well, maybe it’s time you added some supplements to your regimen, and one product you may want to consider is Marine Muscle.

A lot of men have been using Marine Muscle products, and it’s being touted as a legit steroid alternative, one that it is as effective as steroids but without the side effects. Now let’s take a closer look at Marine Muscle and if it’s as good as advertised.

What is Marine Muscle?

Marine Muscle consists of several legal steroid alternatives. Each product is made in the US and of military grade, underscoring its efficiency. While they provide the same benefits as steroids, there are no harsh side effects as its ingredients have been thoroughly tested.

Each supplement works great on its own, but you can stack them for even greater effect. With regular use you’re going to experience fat loss, greater stamina, increased strength and massive muscular gain. These aren’t meant to replace your workout routine, but complement them.

The company has been around for a while, and they have established a reputation for quality. Their products cover cutting, bulking, strength, testosterone and more. You can take their products individually or in stacks. Regardless of how you take them, you’re going to notice the difference in a week or two.

Have you been working out, consuming lots of protein, on a healthy diet but still not getting results? Then Marine Muscle is the answer.

Top 10 Advantages of Marine Muscle Supplements

  • Tried and Tested: these stacks have been proven to work. Health experts and nutritionists worked together and tested each supplement to ensure their efficiency. The biggest problem and risk with other steroid alternatives is they have never been tested. There is no telling what the results will be like, so you are better off with the Marine Muscle as it’s a proven brand.
  • Consistent Results: whether you go for the bulking, cutting or strength stack, you can expect good results from these. They also work great as standalone products. You don’t have to worry about the supplement losing efficiency, as the effect doesn’t wear off.

Some of these products are meant for pre-workouts, while others are for starting a cycle. Regardless, you are going to get excellent results. It is just about making sure you take the product as directed.

  • Always Available: you can always order these legal steroid alternatives on the official website. Ordering is straightforward and customer support is dependable. Because the products are well known and always there, you do not have to worry about running out of stock.
  • Stackable: you can mix and match the supplements as suits your needs. Do you need a cutting stack? They’re available. Do you want to bulk up, or maybe increase strength? There are options for those as well. The sheer variety in their product list only goes to show how versatile Marine Muscle products are.
  • Easy to Take: these are easy to consume and don’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth. There is no need for messy preparations and you don’t have to change your diet either. Of course you have to make sure you’re on a good diet, but there is no reason to be wary of an unpleasant taste.
  • Legal: steroids are illegal and you could end up in jail if you’re caught buying or using them. With Marine Muscle supplements you don’t have to worry about that since they’re 100% legal. With steroids, you not only have to be concerned about the law, but the side effects could be deadly or even fatal if you overdose.
  • Reputable Brand: Marine Muscle is well-known in the health and fitness industry for their trustworthy products. This is not a fly by night company as they stand by their products. They have a money back guarantee and customer support is always there to listen to you.
  • Safe: these are called legal steroids because they’re safe. Each of these supplements have been specially prepared to ensure they don’t have any unpleasant side effects. Take these as directed and you don’t have to worry about side effects.
  • Natural: these supplements are made with natural ingredients so it won’t interact negatively with your body.
  • Improves Physical Endurance: Marine Muscle supplements do an excellent job of increasing your endurance and strengthening your immune system.

In the following section we’re going to review the Marine Muscle stacks. Most people like to stack them to get optimum results, and that is why we are reviewing them this way. However it is also possible to take these products standalone.

Marine Muscle Bulking Stack

The Marine Muscle bulking stack consists of:

  • Drill Master
  • Enduro
  • Gunner
  • Trooper

These four products are legal steroid alternatives which provide optimum bulking. These are effective as standalone products, but when they’re used together are more than a match for anabolic steroids. By stacking all four, you get recovery, power, strength, size and muscle hypertrophy.

You have been working out in the gym all day and not getting the results you want. With this muscle bulking stack you’ll get the results you need.


The Enduro formula is aimed at bodybuilders who want to speed up muscle gain and enhance nitrogen retention. The ingredients are military grade and meant to fast track muscle gains.

This product contains a potent formula and doesn’t have any side effects. What’s more, Enduro stimulates muscle growth, mainly by boosting nitrogen retention. When you take Enduro, nitrogen retention increases, and your body is able to pump out more proteins for rapid muscle growth.

Enduro also contains 100 mg of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), important for testosterone production and muscle development. It also increases your body’s production of red blood cells so your muscles receive more oxygen. The more oxygen you get, the more workouts you can do.

Enduro also improves collagen synthesis, fortifying your body’s tendons and ligaments. The end result is your body’s connective tissues get stronger, increasing endurance against joint pains and increasing recovery.

  • No prescription required
  • Results in 2 weeks
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Greater power and strength


Trooper is for those who want to gain large muscles, recover faster and increase their stamina. Formulated for increased strength, the Trooper increases your body’s muscle mass, strength and testosterone levels, and it also enhances your luteinizing hormones for greater energy.

The Trooper contains a potent formula but doesn’t cause any side effects which is why it is legal. While it has a lot of benefits, it is essentially a testosterone booster. Low testosterone levels makes it more difficult to build muscles, and that’s where the Trooper comes in.

The Trooper contains tribulus terrestris extract as well as saponins which are double those found on other supplements. Trooper also enhances your luteinizing hormone levels and testosterone as well. While there are a lot of testosterone boosters, this is the only one that has 10 mg of enhanced DHEA.

What this means is you’re going to end up with massive muscle gains, faster recovery and do more during each workout. With regular intake your testosterone level increases for greater power and strength.

  • Results in 2 weeks or less
  • Boosts testosterone levels
  • Speeds up muscle gains
  • Increases sexual drive and performance
  • Harder muscles

Drill Master

Drill Master is ideal for those who are looking for massive muscle gains as well as greater strength. It is also suitable for bodybuilders who want to keep their gains when between cycles.

Drill Master has been formulated to give you maximum results and boost nitrogen retention. Drill Master also keeps your body in an anabolic state, setting the stage for increased muscle mass and greater muscle growth. The Drill Master, when combined with workout and diet, leads to rapid muscle size and strength.

The formula is designed to boost your body’s protein synthesis, and this leads to greater nitrogen retention in your muscles. The increase in nitrogen allows your muscle cells to create more protein. The more protein your body builds, the larger and harder your muscles become.

Drill Master contains 10 mg of DHEA which has been specially formulated to increase muscle and testosterone. This is one of the most potent formulas in the Marine Muscle line, but it is also safe and won’t cause any side effects.  Another benefit of Drill Master is it doesn’t take long to get the results you’re looking for. In just a few weeks you will see and feel the difference.

  • Get results in 30 days or less
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Improves focus
  • Increases nitrogen retention
  • Boosts stamina


The Gunner is for anyone who is serious about gaining muscles and increasing their physical strength. With this supplement you’ll experience faster recovery and greater stamina. At the same time the Gunner also increases metabolism for faster fat burning.

The Gunner is a powerful pre-workout booster, and taking this before starting your regimen boosts your power. It also increases the amount of energy you have and builds up your stamina. The end result is you get a muscular, ripped body with greater physical strength and better conditioning.

Gunner contains natural ingredients, and this formula jump starts your body’s muscle building. Better blood flow, more oxygen and nitrogen makes it possible to build more protein and larger, bigger muscles.

The Gunner is fortified by 50 mg of turmeric extract, a natural anti-inflammatory and with antioxidants that remove toxins in your body. The Gunner also stimulates fat burning so you lose calories while gaining muscle mass.

Regular use also increases your body’s red blood cells so your muscles receive more oxygen. The increase in oxygen leads to greater physical strength so you can do more workouts without tiring quickly. The Gunner formula also leads to greater vascularity, allowing you to build more muscles without water retention.

The Gunner is a pre-workout supplement and is appropriate for those who want a rock solid body, one that’s ripped and well-toned. This works great as a standalone product or stacked.

  • Results in less than 30 days
  • No prescription necessary
  • Rapid recovery
  • Enhanced vascularity
  • Massive muscle and strength gain

Marine Muscle Cutting Stack

The Marine Muscle Cutting Stack includes:

  • Alpha
  • Colonel
  • Trooper
  • Winger

This cutting stack is thermogenic in nature, i.e. you get maximum lean muscle retention and maximum strength. The stack helps you lose body fat quickly. All of these are 100% legal, and while they provide good results alone, they’re even better when combined.

Aside from cutting benefits, the stack also gives you the extra energy and strength needed for intense workouts. With these you now have the means to keep those ripped muscles and burn fat without losing muscle.

With the Marine Muscle Cutting Stack, you get the right combination of thermogenic and strength amplifier. And in just 30 days the stack will burn up your body’s fat too.


The Alpha is a specially formulated steroid alternative that will give you a muscular, chiseled physique. The Alpha is suited for cutting as it removes body fat while preserving lean muscle. With consistent use this will also boost your physical strength and increase energy.

Alpha works by enhancing the phosphocreatine synthesis inside your muscles. The stimulation leads to an increase in energy and strength, making this the ideal solution for anyone who is serious about getting a ripped, toned physique. Like the other Marine Muscle products, this contains a highly potent formula but has been formulated to ensure there are no side effects.

100% legal, Alpha boosts your phosphocreatine, and this leads to faster production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The more ATP is produced, the faster your muscles contract. This increase is what allows bodybuilders to do longer and harder workouts without tiring.

The Alpha contains 60 mg of tribulus terrestris to enhance your testosterone and gain bigger muscles. If you’re in the cutting phase, Alpha will be essential as it will define your body and burn fat.

  • Quickly burns body fat
  • Builds up lean muscles
  • Boosts energy, power and strength
  • Tones your physique
  • Eliminates water retention


The Winger is for those who want a cut physique with lean muscles and enhanced flexibility. This is also the steroid alternative for those who are also into elite and tactical training.

The formula is ideal for cutting, and consistent use leads to muscular, lean physique. The Winger is fast acting and been formulated to give you maximum strength and hard, lean muscle. If you’re looking forward to building large muscles, this is what you need. It is also for those who want to maintain their muscles.

The Winger doesn’t have any side effects and delivers the kind of performance you’d expect from steroids. With consistent use you’re going to see fat burn rapidly, enhanced performance and massive strength.

Winger is also fortified with 500 mcg of pregnenolone, which is a DHEA and testosterone precursor. What happens is your body’s fat level burns, strength is enhanced and you’ll see performance gains.

Vascularity increases as well and you’ll see an increase in physical strength. With the Winger, your body fats dissipate even as your lean muscle mass continues to grow. You end up with a solid physique with greater resistance to fatigue.

  • Rapid fat burning
  • Develop greater speed and agility
  • Greater endurance
  • Enhanced strength
  • Greater vascularity


The Sergeant was formulated for men who want to get rid of gynecomastia or man boobs. With the Sergeant you’ll not only be free of fatty tissues but you’ll also get a more sculpted chest. If you’ve been doing a lot of pushups but not getting good results, the Sergeant can help.

The Sergeant contains a special formula which treats man boobs. What it does is target the mammary glands’ subcutaneous fats, which are responsible for giving you that fatty chest.

Working out and diet helps reduce the fat but not completely eliminate it. This is where the Sergeant comes in because it removes all traces of man boobs. As the fat dissipates, you’re going to get a sculpted chest which should go along well with the rest of your body. With the Sergeant, the swelling on your chest will be reduced, flattening your chest and allowing muscle to show up.

The Sergeant has 75 mg of fenugreek, an ingredient which is known for reducing breast tissues and burning fat. The Sergeant is also free from side effects and is stackable with other Marine Muscle products.

  • Develop a muscular chest
  • Eliminate gynecomastia
  • Quick results
  • Better defined muscles
  • Rapid recovery


The Colonel is a quick acting steroid alternative aimed at those who want to lose fat and sculpt their body. The formula also ensures you’ll be able to preserve the body you worked hard to attain. The Colonel’s formula has also been prepared so it enhances your body’s thermogenic properties and produce better performance.

With regular intake, the Colonel fast tracks your body’s fat burning, getting rid of calories and pounds. You also get a cardiovascular boost as oxygen goes through your body. Dieting is important if you want to lose weight, but the Colonel speeds up the process so you gain more out of each workout.

What makes the Colonel effective is the way it increases your body’s BMR (basal metabolic rate). By boosting your metabolism, your body is forced to use fat reserves as energy, allowing your muscles to come out.

The Colonel contains 50 mg of turmeric, and it also works as an anti-inflammatory. As your body fat burns, you’ll end up with a more muscular physique. The Colonel also increases the flow of oxygen which your muscles need to get bigger and stronger. With these features, it is easy to see why bodybuilders like the Colonel.

  • Burn fats quickly
  • Get results in less than a month
  • Enhanced physical performance
  • Shredded physique
  • Cuts and refines lean muscles

Marine Muscle Strength Stack

This stack also includes:

  • Devil Dog
  • Drill Master
  • Enduro
  • Gunner
  • Trooper

The Marine Muscle Strength Stack do three things: increase physical performance, massive muscle growth and fast track muscle growth. The products in this stack have been chosen specifically because they boost physical strength just like steroids, but are safe and legal.

Each of the products here do a great job of building your strength alone. However you will get more out of it by combining them. Combine this with intense workouts, and you’ll be burning fat and gaining muscle in no time.

Devil Dog

The Devil Dog is for those who are looking for intense muscle gain stamina and strength. It is also for those who want to preserve all the muscles they worked for. The Devil Dog is particularly useful for those who are just starting on their training cycle. As a legal steroid alternative, the Devil Dog is 100% safe from side effects.

The formula gives you extra strength and bigger muscles, and this is possible because your body gains more oxygen. The extra oxygen is what enables the production of more red blood cells, and through the cells oxygen is transported to various locations around your muscles. With this process you gain more muscles.

You end up with larger, harder muscles and your body also gets 35 mg of APA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid) which is critical for your body’s metabolism and energy production.  For commencing a training cycle, this is what you need.

  • Fast track muscle gains
  • Gain muscle mass
  • Quicker recovery
  • Increase stamina and strength
  • Get results in two weeks or less


There are thousands of muscle supplements and stacks online, but most of them are worthless. Some are even downright scams that won’t do your body any good. The Marine Muscle stacks are the exception however as they deliver the goods. Are these magic pills? No, but it’s going to make a difference given enough time.

Bottom line: these are truly military grade muscle supplements, safe, healthy and effective. If you want the benefits of steroids without the side effects, then I recommend any of the Marine Muscle stacks here.