Les Mills Pump – A Workout Regime That Gets Results?

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If you’ve spent much time around a gym, chances are good that you have at least heard of Les Mills before. Ever since the first BodyPump class hit the scene in 1990, all of the Les Mills programs have been a hit and played a huge role in a lot of people getting fit across the world.

Now, there is a home version of the weightlifting class available from BeachBody: Les Mills Pump. Wondering if the Les Mills pump workout is right for you?

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The Les Mills Pump Story

Les Mills, an olympic athlete from New Zealand, began his adventure in the group fitness world back in the 1980s. As mentioned previously, his Body Pump class became an instant hit in the 1990s, allowing men and women alike to weight train in a group fitness class setting.

This innovative program allowed people of all fitness levels to work out with great music, effective choreography, and under the guidance of a trained instructor.

The program targets the major muscle groups from head to toe, providing everyone involved with a highly effective and challenging workout that is the perfect compliment to traditional aerobic exercises.

The Pump workout allows you to get this same effect but without a trip to the gym and is based on the principals of the Body Pump gym class.

Ordering Les Mills Pump

To buy Les Mills Pump, you need to visit the Beachbody website. The total purchase price including shipping is $194.80, but it can be broken up into an initial $14.99 payment followed by three payments of $59.95.

When you order, you will receive seven workouts, including Pump Basics, Pump Challenge, Pump and Burn, Pump and Shred, Revolution, Extreme, Flow, and Hard Core Abs.

Additionally, you will receive the equipment for which Les Mills Body Pump classes are known, namely the barbell, two safety clips, and sets of 5- and 10- pound weights. There is also a nutrition guide, a fitness guide, and a measurement kit included for optimal results.

Overview of the Les Mills Pump Program

While the advertisement for Les Mills Pump state that the workouts are only three times a week, this is not entirely true. The reality is that if you follow the recommended workout schedule, you will be doing an average of three resistance workouts a week, two aerobic days (walking for 30-60 minutes), one rest day, and one “Flow” day, which is a sort of stretch and recovery hybrid class.

The resistant or weight days are pretty consistent at three a week, but the other days vary from week to week to keep things interesting and help your muscles recover. The stand out difference between Les Mills Pump and other Beachbody programs is that its primary focus is on weight training.

The workouts at the beginning of the program are on the easier side and focus on limited muscle groups, allowing users to ease into the rigours of the full course and learn how to properly complete the movements.

Advantages of Les Mills Pump

The Beachbody company is known for hitching its wagon to stars of the fitness industry, and Les Mills is no exception. The Les Mills Pump program has a built in success record thanks to the same routines being used for decades in gyms across the world.

Anyone who has taken a Body Pump class will tell you that this weight training has made more of a difference in his or her body than the old, tired “aerobics” classes of the past, because resistance work makes their bodies more efficient fat burners.

A plus of the home Pump version is that it focuses on resistance yet still adds the all-important aerobic component for a well-rounded approach to fitness. Another advantage of Les Mills Pump is the fact that it is customizable – simply add more weight as your strength grows to keep the challenge intact.

The weighted discs are easily removed, combined, and interchanged, so making alterations depending on your strength or a particular exercise is quick and simple (at least in theory). Also, if you are not a fan of the gung-ho, all-out killer routines featured in other Beachbody programs (Insanity, P90X, and the like), you will enjoy the fact that you do get days off for rest and recovery.

Disadvantages to Les Mills Pump

While this program comes quite highly rated, it does have a few disadvantages. If you are beyond lifting 10, 20, or 30 pounds, then you will have to order more weights right off the bat which can easily be picked up from any sports store

Likewise, those who are new to weightlifting could have benefited from an included 2.5 pound weight set to allow them to ease in to the higher weights. Speaking of the weights, there is a technical issue here with the clips – they are difficult to get on and off, so you may want to replace them with something better from the sporting goods store.

Further, unlike the gym version of the class, the music is not always the best, and the format of rapidly scrolling through multiple instructors can be annoying to some users.

The Bottom Line

There is no arguing that Les Mills Pump offers numerous proven benefits and will deliver results if you work the program, making this a highly positive Les Mills Pump Review. The only real argument here is with the quality of some of the equipment and little annoyances that are common with recorded workouts.

On the whole, it is highly recommended and a good program for men and women to do together, which is something that is fairly rare in the world of home video workouts. The Pump program is also a good supplement for exercisers who attend the class in a gym setting but would like the freedom of substituting occasional classes at home.

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