The Secret To Lactic Acid Relief

It’s not really true that the problem with working out is always the lack of time or lack of discipline. Sometimes the mind is really willing, but the flesh is unfortunately weak. When you work out, you may experience fatigue sooner than you’d like, so that you don’t do enough exertions for an appropriate amount of time.

In addition, you may even feel a burning sensation that not only discourages you from continuing your exercises but it may even discourage you from looking forward to your next workout. But you may overcome all these difficulties with Gel. This muscle gel can really keep down the buildup of lactic acid in muscles so that you can really maximize the benefits you get from your training.


The Problem with Lactic Acid

So what causes lactic acid build up and why is that a bad thing? There’s a truly detailed scientific explanation for this, but let’s describe it in simpler terms.

When you exercise strenuously, you breathe faster so that your muscles get more of the oxygen they need. The body tends to generate most of its energy with oxygen. But sometimes your exercises are so strenuous that require energy than your body can deliver oxygen to the muscles.

When that happens, your body breaks down glucose into pyruvate, which in turn is broken down into lactate or lactic acid. It’s a natural human defense mechanism, as the lactate prevents permanent damage when you are exercising vigorously.

It slows down the key systems in your body required for muscle contraction. So when your body slows down, the lactic acid converts back into pyruvate so your body goes back to using oxygen as energy to recover from the stress of the exercise.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that often the lactic buildup comes in sooner than you would like, so it can really hamper your performance when it matters the most. This is especially true for crucial athletic events such as championships and prestigious tournaments, when the inconvenient lactic buildup can result weaker performance leading to a heartbreaking loss.

The Solution To The Problem

Lactigo GelThe simple solution on the face of it is time. You don’t really need to do anything special if you want to learn how to get rid of lactic acid build up. Eventually, the problem corrects itself naturally.

But you can really fight the problem when you use a product such as gel. Its main ingredient is carnosine, which has been proven to delay the buildup of lactic acid. In fact, it is the very product your body produces so that it can reduce the lactic acid buildup naturally. Gel just boosts your supply of carnosine, so you can really delay the accumulation of lactic acid.

That may seem like such a simple thing, but the results can be immense. You can work and perform for a longer period of time before your muscles tighten up with painful spasms.

So Gel increases your stamina, boosts your performance levels, and delays the onset of cramps and muscle spasms. When you’re engaged in a crucial game, such advantages are invaluable. Even ordinary athletes who are just working out will appreciate its benefits.

How Hard Is It to Use?

Not hard at all, as it is in gel form. An hour before your game or before your workout, just squirt about 10 ml of Gel on to your hands. A single squirt from the bottle is about 1 ml, so you need to squirt 10 times.

Then rub the gel into all your muscle groups that tend to be affected by lactic acid buildup. These are usually the muscles that get cramps or spasms during a game or workout. Just make sure that the gel is absorbed well in to your skin.

Then do your workout or play your game. You’ll notice the effects son enough. It may seem as if you can run as long as you want, and the parts of your body that used to hurt at a given time may seem fine instead.

After your shower after the game, you can then reapply more gel into your muscles. That should really soothe any lingering pain and soreness as well.

Does It Really Work?

There have been numerous studies involving athletes that show just how effective Gel is. One study involved the AC Milan Jr football team in 2014. Some team members used Gel regularly for 12 days, while others didn’t.

The Gel players experienced a considerable reduction in the level of muscle fatigue they experienced. What’s more, this group also had a pronounced reduction of cramps suffered during training and games.

Many athletes have come forward attesting to its effectiveness. These include Muay Thai boxers, UFC fighters, MMA fighters, and bodybuilding competitors. Even the Kansas University football team uses it. According to the team Director of Football Strength and Conditioning, his players said that they felt they could “run forever” and many of them were requesting more of the product.

What about Safety and Side Effects?

It is extremely safe as it is completely 100% natural. It doesn’t cause any weird side effects at all, and it is therefore complete legal to use in local or international competitions.As additional proof of how safe it is, it has also been clinically tested by LGC, an international leader in the field of lab testing services.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for every advantage and benefit you can get for an important game, then this is it. Gel can get you over the last hurdle, give you more playing time, and extend your performance.

Its price is reasonable, so that’s not a problem. It also works better as a gel, because oral carnosine supplements don’t work as well. The gastric juices in the stomach really go after the carnosine so that only a small amount actually gets into the bloodstream to benefit your muscles. With transdermal (through the skin) absorption, every bit of carnosine contained in the gel is used properly by the muscles.

So if fatigue and cramps have been your mortal enemies when you work out, train or compete, then it’s time to go with Gel. You win against fatigue and muscle spasms, and you’re more likely to win in your competitions too.