The Truth in Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Reviews Revealed

jillian1Jillian Michaels looks absolutely fit on TV (even though TV is supposed to add a few extra pounds). And if that’s not enough, she is also fabulously wealthy. That’s because she made her fortune by telling the rest of the world how they can be as slim as she is. According to numerous Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Reviews, her methods work, and that’s why people subscribe to it, and that’s also why she’s rich.

According to Jillian Michaels weight loss is all about diet and exercise. Of course, you don’t really need to be taught how to eat properly – you already know that. What you need are demos of the right exercises you need to perform. With the Body Revolution Jillian Michaels brings you that information in convenient DVDs.

The Jillian Michaels Workouts

When you buy the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, most of the information you need are contained in the 15 DVDs you get. The workouts come in various phases. It starts with the low impact moves that will immediately boost your endurance, strength, and stability. The more advanced phases are truly challenging, but to get there your body would have already been conditioned to move along the way.

Each workout is comprised of different exercises that have all been proven to work. As an additional advantage, the workouts are only half an hour long, so that means you can actually have a life outside the gym.



With the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, the 15 DVDs are just the start. Your purchase also includes:

    • The Fitness Guide. You need a precise guide on how and when to ply the appropriate DVDs. This is a schedule guide which offers variety for your workouts. Doing the same things over and over is counterproductive. Your body starts to adapt to the workout so you minimize the benefits. Also, this can lead to boredom and that may tempt you to give up altogether. You need variety, and the fitness guide gives you explicit directions on how to do just that.


    • A 7-day Kickstart Diet. As doctors are fond of saying, you need both diet and exercise. The kickstart diet offers the precise steps you need to take so that you lose weight quickly. This can help you get motivated so that you don’t give up easily.


    • A Fat-Burning Plan. Since the workout schedule is for 90 days, it makes sense that a 90 day diet is also provided so that you can mix and match food items for three months. Like the fitness guide, you shouldn’t eat the same stuff everyday so that you don’t get bored with your diet.


    • 90-day Journal and Bookmark. One way to track your progress is to just write it down. This can help alert you when you’re not doing it right, and when you do it right your gains can help motivate you to persist in your efforts.


    • 30-day Online Club Membership. You can have all your questions answered and can get additional coaching too. By becoming a member, you’ll receive the motivation you need as well.


Unfortunately, you still have do make some additional purchases. You have to buy the three sets of dumbbells you will need for the workouts, plus the resistance cord. This makes sense, though. What you actually bought isn’t equipment, but crucial knowledge. It’s like buying a special diet book—it doesn’t come with the food you’re supposed to eat.


Addressing the Concerns

With so much going for it, it’s not surprising that on Amazon there are over three hundred positive Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Reviews (279 of them with 5-star ratings) and a paltry 16 negative reviews. But on the negative reviews reveal that they don’t really make all that much sense.

Let’s analyze them here:

  1. There were people who mentioned that they are suffering from knee or back pains. We need to emphasize one important point here. Before you enter any sort of workout regimen, you first have to check with your doctor to see that you can handle the workouts. The Body Revolution workouts are supposed to be done by people who don’t have any lingering medical problems (aside from obesity, of course).

If you have a bad back or weak knees, then some exercises are simply not for you. In fact, you probably shouldn’t be working out at all unless your doctor gives you the green light.

  1. Those who gave it a one star rating because a DVD failed to play properly. Use some common sense and play each DVD to check that everything works. Obviously, the one-star rating isn’t about the ineffectiveness of the workout.
  2. A few also mentioned having a horrible buying experience from where they bought it. That’s obviously not the fault of the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. One reviewer complained that they tried to buy it on the phone and the person on the other line kept offering other weight loss products as well and that’s why they gave it a 1-star rating. That’s like saying a Mercedes Benz car is crap simply because the car salesman tried to sell you a bunch of car accessories which you don’t need!


Now you know why the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Reviews are crazy about the Body Revolution workouts. Essentially, there’s just one reason—it works.


What you need to succeed in your goal of losing weight and having a toned body isn’t lots of money, since the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is actuallyvery affordable. Instead, what you need is determination. While Jillian Michaels may offer words of encouragement on her website, the desire to lose weight simply has to come from within. She gives you the foundation to achieve your goal but ultimately, the outcome will depend on you.

So do you really want to lose weight? Are you committed to finish the program right to the very end?

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