How To Get Ripped Abs Fast – A Comprehensive Guide

Ripped abs – It is the dream of almost all men in the world. Every man who wants to look sexy and wants to be in-shape is struggling hard. Most of them are working out by doing hundreds and hundreds of sit ups and crunches. Most of them have burned holes in their pockets to buy supplements that promise ripped abs in a few weeks. But Alas! They are not able to chisel out their midsection that they desired for.

Sit ups, crunches and supplements will never make your dreams come true on their own. You need more than that. You need the right nutrition and the right exercises. Build up ripped abs fast by following simple tips.

Nutrition guide to get ripped abs fast

If you are not able to get ripped abs even after workouts you should check out your nutrition plan first. Getting the abs you desire for is not possible unless you go for the right nutrition and follow a strict diet. What is the right nutrition and diet plan to be followed to get ripped abs fast?

1. Protein

It is the protein in the foods that help in building of muscles and tissues in the abdominal area. Protein also helps in burning the excess fat in the mid section of your body and in shooting up the metabolic rate. It should be remembered that not all protein rich foods are good for ripped ab building.

Foods rich in lean protein are alone recommended. Lean protein foods include lean meat, poultry, pulses, eggs, dairy products and fish.

How much protein does your body need? Here is an easy way to calculate. Multiply your body weight by 1.2. The figure obtained is the total grams of protein you need in a single day. This should not be taken in a single meal. It should be spread throughout the day.

If you are eating six meals a day it should be divided by six and the result attained is the protein needed in a single meal. Protein taken during workouts helps in quick recovery and increased stamina.

2. Carbohydrates

It is generally believed that carbohydrates are not needed for getting ripped abs. It is a wrong belief. Carbohydrates are essential to increase energy levels. It is important to include carbohydrate-rich foods before workouts.

Eating carbohydrate-rich foods before workouts keeps you energetic throughout your workouts. You can increase the intensity and duration of workouts if you eat foods containing carbohydrates. Oat meal, brown rice, whole grains and sweet potatoes are some of the carbohydrate-rich foods.

It is better to avoid carbohydrates after workout. Multiply your weight by 0.8 to know the amount of carbohydrates needed per day.

3. Fats

Fatty foods are avoided by many people but it is a fact that fat can help in losing fat. It is trans fat that should be avoided and not essential fats. Nuts, flax seed oil, olive oil, fish and milk contain essential fats. Avoiding fats will lead to deficiency of fat. Deficiency of fat will prevent weight loss, fat loss and will prevent abs building.

4. Vegetables

Include a lot of vegetables rich in fiber. The fiber in vegetables keeps you full. It helps in increased metabolism. It helps in absorbing more protein from foods that you eat. The macronutrients present in the vegetables keep you healthy and fit. Green and leafy vegetables are the best choice. Vegetables are better than fruits because fruits have high sugar content.

 Tips for dieting?

* Keep yourselves hydrated. Drink plenty of water.

* Avoid alcohol because it contains a lot of empty calories.

* Focus on post-workout meals and pre-workout meals.

* Eat six times a day.

* Calorie intake should not exceed 10-11 calories per pound unless you are training intensely to go for a special event.

Exercise guide to get ripped abs fast

There are a few false beliefs about exercises to get ribbed muscles. The first one- Believing that doing hundreds and thousands of crunches can help in getting ribbed abs. This is not true because crunches alone can never help you in achieving your goals.

Another one- Cardio alone can work wonders. This too is not true. A combination of crunches, cardio, weight exercises and other ab workouts is needed if you want to get ripped abs fast.

Crunches are considered to be a sin by some experts and are considered as the only option by a few. Both are wrong. You should know that your body has five major abdominal muscles. All five of them should be worked out for getting ripped abs.

Crunches are not enough for working out all the five muscles but crunches can be done twice a week. Cardio exercises include both outdoor and indoor cardiovascular workouts. If you love to work out in the outdoors and if the weather conditions are favorable you should go for jogging, cycling, running, fast walking and swimming etc.

There are several indoor cardio workouts to choose from that include jogging in place, dancing, stairs climbing, stationary cycling, rowing machine, squatting, tread mill running and many more. Weight training 3-4 weeks is the best way to get ripped muscles fast.

Muscle mass gained is higher through weight training than any other exercise. Weight bars, dumbbells and kettle bells training can really work wonders. Your workout program should include exercises like pull-ups, pushups, lunges, bench presses, ball exercises, planks and sprints etc. apart from crunches and cardio.

A perfect combination will surely benefit you. Plan a workout program that includes all workouts.

Tips for exercising

· Take enough rest between workouts.

· Don’t exercise on all seven days of a week.

· Give time for your body to heal and recover.

· Eat a good diet to help you to workout effectively.

Getting ripped muscles is not an unattainable goal. You can reach it if you prepare the right nutrition and exercise plan. Stick to the plan and do your best. You are sure to get ripped muscles fast if you follow the tips.

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