How to Choose the Right Bodybuilding Program

Athlete lifting weightsA bodybuilding program is essential if you want to gain muscles and enhanced physical strength, as lifting weights every now and then just won’t work. If you’re serious about getting in shape, you’ll need to start a weight training regimen and stick to it. But how do you choose from the thousands available? Here are some tips.

Home vs. Gym Workouts

Some bodybuilding programs can only be done in the gym, while others can be performed at home. Unless there’s a compelling reason for you to go to the gym, it is almost always much better to go with the home exercise workouts.

For one thing they’re more affordable, as you just need to buy the DVDs and maybe pay a small membership to the website to get more info. Second, home workouts are more convenient. You can decide on the schedule, you can work out in private, and if there’s something in the instructions you don’t understand, you can pause or rewind the video.

Intensity Level

The next step is to determine the type and intensity level of the program. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to go with a beginners’ regimen or a program that progresses at a reasonable pace so your body can adapt. While you may be impatient to get in shape fast, you need to be patient and give your body time to get used to the routines. You also shouldn’t mistake these programs as being “light”, because the advanced stages will have you working out a lot.

If you’re not new to this but coming off a long layoff, you simply cannot jump into an advanced bodybuilding workout program as your body won’t be able to keep up. But if you possess a good training background or engaged in high intensity sports, you’ll have an easier time getting started. Even so, you must focus on form because incorrect postures and maneuvers could lead to injuries.


Recovery Capability

Everyone has their own recovery ability and it’s something you need to take into account. Recovery ability simply refers to the time it takes for your muscles to recover after an intensive workout or activity. If you’ve done workouts before you’ll have a pretty good idea of your limits, but if you haven’t done any, just use any intense activity you’ve done before as a guide.

Think of the last activity you did that really wore you out, and ask yourself how long did it take for you to recover. Of course this is only a general guide because once you start on weight lifting programs you’ll have an idea of your recovery level. During the early weeks you’ll be able to tell if you can complete the workouts or you need more rest in-between each session, but don’t be discouraged if your recovery time is long, because as you work out your strength and endurance level will increase.


Age is a Factor

The older you are the more time it takes to recover after a workout, but that’s a general rule and there are certainly exceptions to it. If you’re an older but active adult your body should have no problems recovering. On the other hand, a young but physically inactive individual will take longer to recuperate following a rigorous workout.


Is your goal to gain muscle, lose fat, or both? This is very important as it will determine what kind of workout program you should do. If your objective is to gain muscle and physical strength, look for weight training programs that emphasize high volumes of sets, reps and exercises because they’ll work your body out more.

If your goal is to lose fat you should go for a combination of light weights along with emphasis on diet, but don’t focus solely on diet because you’ll end up with a skinny frame. Regardless of the program you choose, make sure there’s focus on cardio and routines that work out your entire body.

Sport quest. Adherence to a healthy lifestyle

If your goal is to gain mass, you’ll need to eat foods rich in protein and carbohydrates while doing intensive weight training. You’re going to gain some fat, that’s inevitable, but you’ll be shedding them as you work out.


The best workout program is of no use if you can’t commit to it. Once you start, you’ll need to finish it to gain the maximum benefit. None of these programs are miracle workers and you won’t gain muscles overnight, but if you persevere you will see results. The truth is many people give up on workout programs too easily and move from one regimen to the next without commitment. What you need to do is stick to one program and go through it as best you can.


There are a lot of workout programs available today, and one of the most popular is les Mills Pump, a high intensity workout program that can burn up to 1,000 calories each workout. What makes the Les Mills Pump workout different is its use of the Rep Effect, which consists of lighter weights but higher repetition rates, which lead to faster weight loss and muscle gain.

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You may also want to try out the Body Beast Workout program, which was developed by fitness expert Sagi Kalev. This is a 90 day fitness regimen that only requires 45 minutes time a day, and unlike other workouts, comes complete with a Body Beast eating plan.

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These are just two of the most widely used workout programs today, and what makes them particularly attractive is you can do the bodybuilding at home. In the past you had to pay a lot of money to enroll in a gym just to have a shot at getting in shape, but now most workouts can be done in your home with limited space and equipment.