Gentle Activities That Are Good for Days Off from Training

Exercise is great! It has loads of health benefits and helps you feel good. And, as an athlete, it keeps you in top competitive shape. As good for you as it is though, it is possible to overdo it.

Taking a day off from training, or a rest day, is important and should be included in your workout regimen on a regular basis. Rest days help you recover and avoid burnout. That doesn’t mean you have to do nothing all day though.

There are some gentle activities you can do that are perfect for your days off from training.

Rolling Out

Rolling out can do wonders for alleviating muscle soreness. Also called self myofascial release, it offers athletes multiple benefits. You can use a foam roller or another type of rolling equipment.

What works best may depend on what areas you’re trying to target. A foam roller can be great for working on larger areas such as your back and sides. If you want to target your shoulders and neck, however, you’re probably better off with something like a theracane.

Powersticks can be great for your legs. One of the great things about all of these pieces of equipment is that you control how intense the pressure is and how long you spend working on an area.

Soaking in a Hot Tub

Spending time in a hot tub offers multiple benefits for athletes. It can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, and help reduce muscle soreness.

The sound and feel of the water can calm the mind, providing mental refreshment in addition to physical restoration. Keep track of how long you soak to make sure you stay safe.

Staying in a hot tub for too long can have negative effects, like headaches, dizziness, and a raised body temperature.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is another great activity for rest days. Tai chi isn’t meant to be a high impact exercise. It’s slow and methodical. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t take physical effort to do though.

Tai chi incorporates fitness aspects such as strength, flexibility, and balance, all of which are beneficial to athletes. Tai chi can improve sport performance, and serve as a gentle method of exercising all at once.

Practicing tai chi doesn’t require equipment or much in the way of space, making it an accessible form of cross training and gentle rest day activity for athletes.

Rest days are important for athletes. They promote healing and restoration, but don’t have to be days of inactivity.

Gentle activities such as rolling out, soaking in a hot tub, or practicing tai chi are all great options for staying lightly active on a rest day while still reaping the benefits of resting.

It’s important to fuel up before you exercise to gain the maximum benefits. Learn more about supplements and their benefits here!