Essential Safety Tips for the Solitary Jogger

Jogging is a great way to stay physically fit as well as boost your mental health. However, solo joggers need to take precautions to stay safe on their runs. Here are a few tips for those who jog alone.

Always Tell Someone Where You’re Going

It’s nice to take a jog to escape from the noise of the world. It’s just extremely important to let someone know where you are going before leaving.

Have a path you are going to follow, and give the details to someone you know. This makes it easier for someone to find you if you don’t return. Should you sustain an injury, dehydrate, or run into some other problem on your jog, at least one person will know where to start looking for you to offer help.

It’s also possible to use certain apps to share your running path with a trusted friend, so they can track your progress and make sure you arrive back at home.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Jogging is a mental zone-out activity for many people. However, not being aware of your surroundings can cause problems when you are jogging alone.

That’s why it’s wise to listen for the sounds of cars and scan the people around you to make sure they don’t mean you any harm. Make sure you are careful when crossing the street, since according to Lorenz & Lorenz, 42 percent of all traffic accident deaths in 2018 were pedestrians. Take your headphones out of your ears when crossing, so you will be able to hear a car that you might not yet be able to see.

Dress in Bright Colors

It’s important to wear bright colors, so you will be seen by drivers. If you jog alone at night, according to Panther Vision, it’s a good idea to wear reflective gear or a vest with lights so you will be visible. This is especially important if you jog alone.

It’s easier to see a group when they are jogging together. However, you can be in a car’s blind spot or right on the edge of someone’s sight when you are alone. That’s why you want to avoid wearing all black or running in areas that aren’t well lit.

Jogging alone can be a very relaxing activity. It’s just important to stay safe while you are getting fit. Make sure that you take the proper safety precautions so that you can make sure that you protect yourself.

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