Crazy Bulk Reviews – All Your Muscle Growth Needs In One Place

If you’re looking for a specific type of supplement that can help you maximize your muscle gains when you work out religiously, with luck you can find the best brand for it. You will have to read a lot of reviews and check out a lot of product labels, plus you have to research the manufacturer so that you can be assured that they’re a reputable company.

The problem is that this process can take a lot of time if you want to do it right, and if you need several types of supplements then you’ll have to the same process all over again. That means it’ll take you forever to find the best supplements you need! However, you can solve this problem much more quickly by just going with Crazy Bulk supplements.

What Is Crazy Bulk and How Does It Work?

Crazy Bulk stands as the best and most famous alternatives to anabolic steroids that are so prevalent in the muscle building industry. If you’re thinking about using anabolic steroids, you may want to try the Crazy Bulk supplements instead.

The jury is still out on whether you should use anabolic steroids. On one hand, they can really help, which is why they’re so popular in the first place. Countless famous athletes have been caught or have admitted to using these, and just about very famous bodybuilder (such as Arnold Schwarzenegger) has tried them out.

On the other hand, they’re banned by every major sports association in the world. In fact, they’re regarded as controlled substances, so using them is actually illegal unless you have a valid prescription. They’re very easy to misuse and the risk of side effects is too high.

We’re not just talking about getting horrific acne, hair loss, big boobs, and tiny testicles. We’re also talking about side effects that can lead to serious medical conditions, such as high cholesterol and liver damage. You even need to deal with the notorious “roid rage”, which may end up in a complicated legal issue if you blow up in public.

With Crazy Bulk, the goal was to provide all the benefits you can get from anabolic steroids, while at the same time you also do not get any of the dangerous side effects at all. What made the brand so famous in the industry was that they did succeed in this goal. They even designed their supplements to work more effectively in particular stacks, just as some bodybuilders take stacks of anabolic steroids for optimum effects. Using these supplements with right bodybuilding program will get you the results you want.

Top 10 Advantages of Crazy Bulk Supplements

So let’s list down the many reasons why the Crazy Bulk brand is so popular and highly regarded:Convenient. Researching each brand to find the best types of supplements for your muscle building needs can be tedious and time-consuming. Now you can just get everything you need from a single company.

Natural. You don’t consume any form of synthetic compound into your body. Instead, the ingredients are all natural and are mostly extracts of various plants.

Safe. Other supplements may cause various side effects, and it is worse when you use anabolic steroids. But Crazy Bulk supplements have a proven track record for safety and lack of serious side effects. That’s because they don’t lace their supplements with any dangerous components. Also, they’re all US-made and manufactured in FDA-approved laboratories, so quality control is terrific.

Reputable. Their products are labeled properly, and what’s more you actually get prescription dosages for the ingredients. This is in stark contrast to some of the less reputable products from obscure manufacturers which doesn’t offer enough of the good stuff. The Crazy Bulk brand has been around for many years, and it is undoubtedly among the most reputable brands in the muscle building supplement industry.

Legal. Since it is all-natural and safe, it’s not a controlled substance at all. You can buy it openly and consume it without any fear of the legal consequences. You can take a PED test and come out fine. You don’t even need a prescription for this, either.

It’s easy to consume. Have you tried some protein powder supplements lately? They’re absolutely vile. You mix them with water and you get a very clumpy result which is very difficult even just to look at. Then you have to drink this nauseating drink and find the taste revolting. Fortunately, with Crazy Bulk all you need to do is to take capsules a few times a day. No mess, no fuss. And you won’t have to inject yourself unlike many steroid users.

Stackable. Steroid users know about using several different steroids to get optimal results. The same is true for Crazy Bulk supplements. You can use different combinations of the supplements to get the kind of result you want. For example, one stack is best for the bulking phase, while another is more suitable for the cutting phase.

Reasonably priced. Each single supplement comes with a very reasonable and affordable price. Admittedly, the total cost increases when you use stacks, but then you get more than your money’s worth because the results justify the expense. You can also take advantage of the constant barrage of discounts that Crazy Bulk regularly offers. Sometimes it’s a coupon code offering a discount ranging from 15% to 35%, or a bulk discount of 20% when you buy the products as a stack. Often there’s also an offer on their site that will give you 1 free bottle for every 2 bottles you buy.

Popular. This popularity is a very good thing, because by now you’d have known if it can cause side effects. That such news reports haven’t surfaced yet despite the large number of users speak to its proven safety. Also, you can easily find forums on Crazy Bulk and discuss various issues and concerns with the many members of the large Crazy Bulk community. You can get tips on how to take it more effectively, and discuss your results.

Effectiveness. This is perhaps the most important reason of them all. These things just work. While it’s true that there’s no such thing as a supplement that works equally well for everyone, with Crazy Bulk their products do work for the vast majority of their customers. Their users do gain bigger muscles more quickly, and there are so many of these satisfied customers. This is the real reason why so many people use Crazy Bulk!

Now let us take a comprehensive look at the most popular muscle-building supplements Crazy Bulk has to offer their huge consumer community:

Testo-Max (Testosterone Max)

Testo MaxWhen you’re trying out steroids for the first time, in general you start out with testosterone. It’s the foundation of every stack and cycle you use. It’s the core component of your steroid use, like rice is for a typical Asian meal.

With Crazy Bulk, you can also start out with its testosterone supplement called Testo-Max. It doesn’t directly add to your testosterone levels, which is what causes the side effects. Instead, it comes with the tried and tested Tribulus Terrestris extract that helps your body produce the testosterone naturally.

So what we have here is the testosterone booster that helps you gain muscle, because it enhances your strength and stamina. You can lift heavier weights for a longer period of time, which really improves your workout performance. This can also help you lose weight. It even improves your bedroom performance too, since your libido suffers when you grow older and your natural testosterone production drops.

Anvarol (also known as Paravar or Anavar)

AnvarolThe steroid known as Oxandrolone is the basis for this Anvarol supplement. The original was popular because it helped with muscle-building and fat-burning, and it was also usable for women. It wasn’t as dangerous to the liver compared to other steroids, and it didn’t cause man-boobs.

However, it does make your acne worse and it can make men less fertile while their testicles become much smaller. Women may also get a deeper voice and become much hairier, while they also experience menstrual irregularities and enlargement of the clitoris.

Now with Anvarol, none of these side effects come into play. You still get the muscle-building benefits, and it’s also good for both men and women. And while you gain the strength to help you with your bodybuilding, the supplement also helps with burning your excess fat so you’re left with an extraordinary lean physique.

  • Improves strength for muscle building
  • Helps burn fat cells
  • Good for men and women

Winidrol (aka Winsol or Windtrol)

WinsolWinsol (aka Stanozolol) is another extremely popular illicit supplement. That’s because of its effectiveness in shedding excess fat while it leaves your lean muscles intact. Potential side effects include acne, nausea and vomiting, along with more serious conditions like abnormal liver function, cardiovascular issues, and dry joint pain. Athletes who’ve been tested or accused of taking Winnie include the sprinter Ben Johnson and baseball players Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmeiro, and Barry Bonds.

Now you won’t have to risk getting into trouble with the authorities when you take Winidrol, since this Crazy Bulk version is completely legal. This can really help with getting rid of your fat and excess water, so you’re left with lean hard muscles.

  • Great for overweight users
  • Can rid excess weight without also losing muscle
  • Leads to a really ripped “zero percent body fat” look

Trenorol (aka TBal75 or Trenbolone)

TrenorolThis is based on the famous or notorious Trenbolone steroid. It’s also known as liquid gold, because it is acknowledged by most as the steroid that offers the greatest muscle-building benefits. However, even its most ardent fans admit that it is also the most dangerous steroid when it comes to side effects. Forget about acne or nausea.

You have to worry about the serious risk of liver damage as well damage to your heart. Those who dare use this steroid must be extremely cautious. The side effects can come up at the slightest hint of overdose. And even if you use this properly for 10 weeks, you need to stop for at least 20 weeks to let your body recuperate from the steroid stress.

At least with Trenorol, all you get are the benefits, which are considerable. It speeds up the natural buildup of protein because it helps retain nitrogen in your muscles. It also improves red blood cell production, and this leads to more oxygen to the muscles so that you get the strength and stamina you need for a more productive workout. It also helps with retaining your muscle mass when you’re trying to lose weight by shedding the excess fat.

  • Very quick results
  • Boosted vasculature
  • Offers strength and stamina
  • Enhanced muscle mass with no water retention
  • Fat loss with no muscle loss

Deca Duro

DecaduroThe Deca steroid was huge in the 1970s and its users include the legendary Arnie. It’s one of the most effective bulking agents on the planet, and you gain up to 40 pounds in size in just a few months. However, this is also the steroid that epitomized the damage steroids can do to your libido.

Basically, you sacrifice the ability to have an erection for a bigger body. In addition, if you don’t know what you’re doing then you’ll look and feel bloated because of the water retention.

With Deca Duro, it’s all good, fortunately. It improves the protein synthesis in your body, so that you can maximize your protein and get bigger muscles from your diet. It also improves your workout recovery, as it alleviates joint and muscle pains that are the common results of vigorous workouts. It even strengthens your tendons, so your recovery is much speedier. It also boosts red blood cell production.

  • Improved red blood cell production means greater strength and stamina for workouts
  • Recovery is faster and less painful
  • The protein is maximized for muscle building
  • Your sex life doesn’t get worse

D-Bal (Dianabol)

D balThe original D-Bal is among the first steroids to appear on the market, and it’s still used today because it works when you want to bulk up. The side effects, however, may not be all that appealing. These include and liver damage, and faster heart rate, higher blood pressure, and higher cholesterol that all leads to cardiovascular problems. It also causes loss of libido, mood shifts, excessive sweating, serious acne, and man boobs.

With the D-Bal, you don’t get even a hint of any of these potential side effects. What you get is simply an effective bulking agent.

  • Stamina and strength increase
  • Fuller use of your protein consumption
  • Improved concentration
  • Fast improvements.

But like its original steroid version, D-Bal is more effective when used as part of a stack.


clenbutrolThe original Clenbuterol is a notorious weight loss drug, allegedly used by celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Posh Beckham. It’s illegal to use even on animals, however, since it causes muscular tremors and an increased heart rate that leads to cardio issues. “Clen” isn’t really a steroid at all, technically speaking. But its benefits and side effects seem similar to many steroids.

With Clenbutrol, what you get is an extremely powerful thermogenic or fat-burner. It causes your internal body temperature to rise, and this in turn leads to an increase in metabolic activity. Since your body now burns through calories at a faster rate, when you’re on a diet and you’re working out, your body burns your fat for energy. In addition, it also improves your oxygen flow, so your muscles stay stronger for a longer period of time. That should improve your workouts.

  • It can help even if you just want to lose weight
  • Muscle builders can get rid of excess fat while muscle mass is retained
  • Improved strength and stamina
  • None of the dangerous side effects

This is a crucial supplement for anyone in the cutting cycle, as it can really get rid of excess fat. If you’re a jogger or runner and weight loss is your main goal, then of all these supplements this should be your first choice. You’ll get the maximum benefits from all that running.

Anadrole (Anadrolone)

anadroleThe Anadrol steroid was extremely popular during the 1980s and 1990s. It offers huge muscle gains and it’s known to be very effective for bulking. But more recent research has uncovered the fact that this is the most dangerous steroid for the liver. Using it can lead to extreme and permanent damage!

Anadrole is obviously much more benign as it’s perfectly safe. With this, you get the crucial enhancement in red blood cell production that leads to numerous benefits:

  • Enhances stamina and strength
  • Delays fatigue and speeds up recovery
  • Noticeable results after only 2 weeks

No 2 maxNO2 Max

If you’re trying to really become bigger than your scrawny frame allows, then you need a bulking agent. You can just use this NO2 Max to improve your blood flow, which in turn offers more oxygen and glucose to your tired muscles.

  • Improved strength and stamina for a more effective workout
  • Greater endurance and delayed fatigue
  • Speedy recovery
  • Enables quick size enhancement
  • Can also be used to help with fat reduction

This is a standalone Crazy Bulk supplement, so it makes for a better option if your budget doesn’t allow for the more effective stacks.


hgh x2HGH is often in the news these days. It’s actually naturally produced by the body, like testosterone. And also like testosterone, it can seem like it is turning back time. You can get rid of body fat, build muscle faster, and boost your libido. But many say that using HGH supplements is as dangerous as using steroids. It’s also not allowed by many sports associations.

Crazy Bulk sidesteps these problems by using natural extracts that helped the body produce more HGH instead. It’s the legal and safe alternative.

  • Speedy muscle gain
  • Quick fat loss
  • Improved muscle to fat ratio
  • Fast results

Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

In muscle-building, bulking is about boosting your body by consuming lots of protein while you work out to turn this raw material into bigger muscles. You will gain weight, but most of it should be hard muscle. There’s a big difference between a flabby and chubby 180-pounder and a lean, athletic 180-pounder!

For this stack, you combine the following supplements:

  • Testo-Max
  • D-Bal
  • Trenorol
  • Deca Duro

With this stack, a skinny guy can really maximize the enhanced diet and workout so he can become a big muscled man in no time. This stack can really enhance your strength quickly.

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

When you bulk up, you don’t just gain muscles, however. You also gain more fat and water weight in your body. Now if you try to lose weight after the bulking phase and you’re doing it wrong, then you’ll also lose your hard-earned muscles.

But when you go through your cutting cycle properly and you supplement your efforts with the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack, you won’t have to lose those crucial muscles. You can lose the flab and the excess fat and water instead. You don’t shed the muscles, so you end up with a real hard body. For athletes who rely on dexterity, this benefit is crucial for enhanced performance.

The Crazy Bulk supplements in this stack are the testosterone booster along with the supplements that are based on the most effective cutting steroids:

  • Testo-Max
  • Anvarol
  • Winidrol
  • Clenbutrol

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

This is the revolutionary stack formulated by Crazy Bulk, and it’s designed to eliminate the alternating bulking and cutting cycles into a single cohesive phase. Here, you can simply bulk up with muscle while the stack also works to burn off the fat from your body.

Since this works 2 ways, it involves more supplements in the stack:

  • Testo-Max
  • D-Bal
  • Anadrole
  • Clenbutrol
  • Deca Duro
  • Trenorol

Final Verdict

When you examine all these supplements and stacks, it’s easy to understand just why and how Crazy Bulk has managed to garner such an enviable reputation in the muscle building industry. It’s not just that their products work effectively. It’s also because they work in a way that many dedicated gym rats understand.

Crazy Bulk supplements are also effective, while they’re completely safer and much more affordable. These supplements offer a better alternative to anabolic steroids and other questionable PEDs. There’s no logical reason why you’ll take illegal substances for that extra edge when you have Crazy Bulk around.