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Flex Belt Reviews – Is This The Best Option For Toned Abs?

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Toning the abdominal area is one of the most desirable yet elusive goals for any exerciser. Tired of countless crunches, planks, and hours in the gym, lots of people find themselves asking if there could possibly be an easier way.

The creators of the Flex Belt have attempted to solve the problem of ab toning, all without dealing with the gym or a single minute lying on the floor doing crunches. Does the Flex Belt work? What do the Flex Belt reviews have to say?

Here is what you need to know about the Flex Belt, including pricing information, how it works, and what you can expect by way of results.

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The Structure of the Abs

In order to understand the Flex Belt, it helps to first have knowledge of how the abdominal muscles are structured. While we think of the abs as being one muscle, this area is actually composed of four separate muscles. In the middle, we have our rectus abdominis which runs from the chest area all the way down to the groin.

This muscle is divided by several horizontal tendons, and when it is strong and developed and not covered by fat, it is responsible for the famous “six pack.” Wrapping around the sides of the abs at the innermost layer is the trasnversus abdominis, which is covered by the internal and then the external obliques. Defined obliques and a lack of body fat in the flank area provide the look of a narrow waist.

The Function of the Flex Belt

When you go to the gym and do a crunch or a sit-up, you move your body in such a way that causes your muscles in the abdominal areas to contract. The Flex Belt uses a different method, namely electrical stimulation, to cause these same muscle groups to contract, but without the sweating and large-scale movement that you use in the gym.

The unit itself consists of a padded belt with three pads pre-positioned in order to reach the nerves in the the three ab muscle areas – the left transversus abdominis/oblique area, the center rectus abdominis, and the right transversus abdominis/oblique area.

After charging the battery with the power source, simply place the belt around your middle, use the handheld controller to adjust the intensity from level 1 to 150, and then wait for the Flex Belt to work its magic. The Flex Belt feels like a gentle pulse or tingle followed by a squeeze within the muscle itself, then the muscle will briefly relax.

The entire process is repeated multiple times until the recommended 30 minute session is complete.

The Flex Belt Pros

The good thing about the Flex Belt is that it is a well-made device that will strengthen your abdominal muscles. It is also adjustable, so as soon as you grow accustomed to a certain intensity level, you can up the ante and increase the power of the contractions.

It is also nice that the Flex Belt is cordless, so you can exercise your abs when you are going about your daily routine without breaking a sweat. You don’t even have to think about it while it does its job.

Another advantage of this device is that it targets all of your abdominal muscles at once, unlike typical gym exercises. Instead of doing crunches, sit-ups, planks, and side bends, you can turn on your Flex Belt and rest assured that none of your abdominal muscles are being ignored.

The Flex Belt Cons

While the Flex Belt commercials cannot technically be called false advertising, do not buy one expecting to see a six pack in 2-4 weeks, because in most cases it will not happen. The reason for this is simple: most of us do not have the uber-low body fat required for this type of definition.

Even people who are only mildly overweight have a layer of fat covering their midsections, and while you may have awesome six pack abs, the blanket of fat on top will prevent it from showing through. If you are serious about getting a six pack, you cannot skip the gym or other aerobic exercise program, because this in combination with a healthy diet is the only way to get the fat off.

Additionally, as any exercise guru will tell you, there is no such thing as target toning for muscle growth. The Flex Belt manufacturers are well aware of this fact, and that is why they offer you a diet plan and a subscription to a health magazine with the purchase of their product.

Where to Buy The Flex Belt

If, after knowing all the facts involved, you do decide to buy the Flexbelt, you have several options for doing so. The first options is to order directly from the Flex Belt website itself ( From this website, you can purchase the Flex Belt for $199.99, and with additional pads available for $14.99. There are discounts for multiple item purchases.


This Flexbelt review is solidly mixed, based on the fact that it actually does strengthen the abdominal muscles and should deliver the results seen in the advertisements and on the website if used as instructed.

If you have a body fat percentage that is lower than 10 percent, then you have a good chance of developing a six pack when you use the Flex Belt as recommended.

In order to improve your results, consider first starting by changing your diet and taking on some aerobic exercise to burn through the fat that covers your abs.

The reality of the situation is that fitness requires sacrifice and does not come easily: you have to work for it. The Flex Belt would be a great addition to any diet or fitness regime and will give you the best results if used this way.

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What Is A Belly Fat Belt – Is This The Best Way To Tone Your Stomach?

Over the years, there have been different methods of getting rid of excess fat, particularly fat that has a tendency to accumulate around the abdominal region. Especially as more and more of us tend to be highly processed foods, belly fat has become a bigger problem and one that is seemingly impossible to get rid of. However, it belly fat belt may be a unique product that can help you to shift some of this fat and tone up your abdominal muscles.

Can You Get Rid Of Belly Fat With A Belt?

Belly fat tends to accumulate on some people more than others, and recent research into this problem seems to point to the kind of diet that a person needs. It seems that it is not so much how many calories that you eat, but the type of calories that you eat. If your diet is full of processed foods, sugars, fats, and chemicals, then belly fat is going to be far more apt to appear that it would be on a person who consumed the same number of calories consisting of healthy foods.

Do Ab Belts Work?

In addition to changing the kind of diet that you eat and reducing your daily caloric intake, you may also want to consider an electronic exercise belt or ab toner belt. These products use a combination of heat and electrical muscle stimulation to help increase the tightening and toning of abdominal muscles. When worn for just 20 or 30 minutes per day, and ab belt can help to reduce inches around your waistline while also giving your abs a good workout.

What Do The Ab Belt Reviews Really Say?

According to some of the ab belt reviews that are online, not only do ab belts work, but they are the preferred abdominal strengthening method for people who either cannot workout or do not have the time to do so. Many people have found that doing sit-ups or crunches are very difficult or painful, and an abdominal belt can provide the same kind of workout without the need for even going to the gym.

Is This Technology Safe?

The technology that is used in a product such as the Flex Belt or Slendertone was approved by the FDA for muscle tightening, toning, and rehabilitation almost 40 years ago. It includes the use of small electrical muscle stimulation that are transmitted through gel pads attached to your skin. This is a completely painless process although you can feel your muscles contracting while it is occurring.

One of the things that makes this kind of abdominal toning exercise so beneficial is that you can do it at work, but driving in your car, or just sitting around the house. There is no need for you to go to the gym in order to work out your abs.

What Is The Most Effective Flex Belt?

If your fitness goal is to lose excess belly fat, tone and tighten your abdominal muscles, and perhaps even see a set of “six pack abs” down the line, then the use of a belly fat belt may be very beneficial for you. The technology that is used a product such as the Flex Belt has been used for almost 40 years, and is considered to be both safe and effective at toning and tightening muscles.

The Flex Belt is a product known around the world and one that is cleared by the FDA for toning and tightening abdominal muscles, using medical grade abdominal toning technology. In other words, this is not an experimental product, but a tried and tested method that really does work.

Where Can You Get The Best Deal On The Flex Belt?

You may be able to find belly fat belt in some stores, but if you want to buy the original Flex Belt, you should purchase this directly from the manufacturer’s website. When you do, you will receive a 60 day money back guarantee, allowing you an opportunity to try this out for yourself.

In addition, they are offering a number of bonuses including a meal planner, subscription to finish magazines, and a significant reduction on extra sets of Flex Belt gel pads. There are also other accessories that you may want to consider including a version of this product designed specifically for toning the upper arms, and the Mini Butt & Thigh Toner.

Is This The Best Way For You To Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

Of course, if you are eager to not only increase the strength of your abdominal muscles, but make them more visible, you are going to need to reduce your body fat percentage and eliminate excess belly fat. Through the use of the Flex Belt, along with a sensible weight loss program, you should be able to see stronger, tighter, and more defined abdominal muscles.