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Are You Using Your Rower Effectively? How-To Guide

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Knowing how to use a rower is not all about use of common sense as some people may perceive and neither is it purchasing a rowing machine and mounting on it as you proceed to rowing. Though it is a natural motion that can be understood so quickly, it is also a continuous learning and following of the instructions daily. For an effective workout, with the aim of strengthening your muscles or full cardio, you need to use the rower correctly. The body should also move in a correct sequence. By doing this, you will have worked out successfully and safely. Some effects such as back pains, knee or joint pains may be as a result of poor workouts. Continue reading

What Are The Best Supplements To Get Ripped – Top 3 Reviewed.

young man doing push ups in gymAs you probably know by now, it takes more than just diet and exercise to develop muscles, as you also need to take some muscle supplements as well. No matter how you try to change up your diet, you simply won’t get the nutrients your body needs to build a powerful physique, and that’s what a lean muscle supplement can provide. Continue reading

The Best Supplements to Build Muscle

Sport and Fitness SupplementYes it’s true you can add some muscle by working out in the gym, but without the best supplement for building muscle it will take a very long time to get ripped. In fact without the proper supplements you won’t be able to maximize your growth potential. With so many supplements though, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices, but this list should help you get started. Continue reading

How To Get Ripped Abs Fast – A Comprehensive Guide

Ripped abs – It is the dream of almost all men in the world. Every man who wants to look sexy and wants to be in-shape is struggling hard. Most of them are working out by doing hundreds and hundreds of sit ups and crunches. Most of them have burned holes in their pockets to buy supplements that promise ripped abs in a few weeks. But Alas! They are not able to chisel out their midsection that they desired for. Continue reading

Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

do testosterone boosters work

There has been a lot of discussion recently as to the various benefits of testosterone for men who want to have more energy, more muscle mass, and a higher libido. In fact, there are now prescription medications and over-the-counter products that have all claimed that they can provide a man with additional testosterone quickly and safely. Continue reading

Ripped Abs – Fast Way to Get Abs Revealed

One of the most obvious signs of a healthy and fit body is having a set of ripped abs. But, it will not take you long to see that few people are actually able to achieve that. When you go to almost any gym and these days, you will see people working their abs by doing crunches and sit-ups, but few of them are getting the kind of results that they expect. Continue reading