BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym Review

bodycraft xpress proThere are many reasons why so many people like to go to the gym in order to exercise. But perhaps the most notable reason is that with a good gym, you get a complete set of exercise equipment which you can use to develop any part of your body. You can lift weights to make yourself stronger, you can exercise to help you lose weight, or you can train to make yourself better at a specific sport.

But then again, there are several drawbacks to becoming a gym member. For one, that membership comes with a price, and in the long run it will cost you a lot of money. Even if you’ve already paid for your membership, sometimes it’s just too much work to go to someplace else to do your workout. And then when you do come to the gym, sometimes you have to sit around and wait until the machine you want to use is free.

So is there a good solution where you can get all the benefits of a gym but without all the disadvantages? Apparently, you can with the BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym.

What Features Does The Bodycraft Xpress Pro Have?

So what makes the Xpress Pro Home Gym a suitable alternative to an actual gym? It’s just a single piece of exercise equipment right? Well, it is a single piece of equipment, but you can’t use the word simple to describe it accurately.

• With the Xpress Pro Home Gym, you can perform more than a hundred types of exercises. You can perform 50 exercises with just one station. The weights total 200 pounds, and with its doubling feature you can access up to 400pounds. The leg station costs extra, but it’ll be worth it.

• It measures 82.9″L x 56.5″W x 83″H (and 85.5″W x 90.5″L with Leg Press), and it weighs 575 pounds. When you assemble it, you need to make sure that enough space in front of you and around your sides.

• The durability of this machine is assured. That’s assured by the lifetime warranty. All the materials here are super-strong and top-notch.

• You also get an instructional DVD that tells you all you need to know about the Xpress Pro Home Gym.

• You can call the customer support and have your questions answered.

Pros of the Xpress Pro Home Gym

Like other home gyms from BodyCraft, you can use the Xpress Pro Home Gym to give yourself a whole body workout. You can tailor your workout to accommodate any training goal you want, whether it’s for muscle development, weight loss, or a sport-specific feature. But unlike the other home gyms from BodyCraft, the Xpress Pro Home Gym is much more compact.

It’s hard to believe if this is the first home gym you’ve seen as, but the other BodyCraft home gyms are humungous. At least with this version, you can place it in a corner or against a wall. Just make sure you have enough space around your sides and in front of you. But it is large enough to be very stable. Even large and heavy men won’t shake this thing at all.

And that lifetime warranty is serious. You really get all the parts replacements you need just by calling customer support. You can also call customer support for your questions about using the machine.

All in all, many experts call this one of the best set ups for home gyms available in the market today. With the Xpress Pro Home Gym, you get professional-quality gym equipment for your home.

Cons of the Xpress Pro Home Gym

First of all, the price can set you back quite a bit. It’s not every day you have to spend more than a couple of thousand dollars (at least). The Leg Press and Calf raise station will cost you hundreds of dollars more.
But when you think about it, over time the gym equipment will cost you much more than that. And besides, the value for money you get with the BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym is quite impressive.

The difficult assembly can also be frustrating. You may even need to call customer support to get you through it. It will take you more than a day to complete the assembly. The fastest guy finished it in 12 hours or so.

Finally the weight and the size must also be accommodated properly. You need to see that your ceiling isn’t too low where you place it. And you better be sure where you assemble this monster. Once you finish, moving it to another location will be a very big problem.

Customer Reviews 

Since the BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym is fairly new, it has only received a dozen reviews in its Amazon page. But the reviews are consistently good. Ten of them gave it a perfect 5-star rating even if some of them griped about the assembly difficulties, while the other two gave it 4 stars due to that same assembly problem
But many of them also raved about the superb customer support. The people there were friendly and helpful, and when you request replacements parts you get more than you need (you’ll get 4 replacement screws if you have a screw missing) for free. And these parts arrive at your doorstep very quickly too. When they say they offer a lifetime warranty, they weren’t kidding.


Ask any of the owners of the BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym, and they’ll tell you that this is the best piece of equipment you can buy for your home right now. Despite the few inconveniences, the benefits and the superior quality simply makes it the undisputed #1 in its price range.

And even isn’t price isn’t really all that bad. After all, you only pay it once. You can get the benefits for a very long time without having to pay extra. So buy it now by clicking the link below and enjoy your good health for many years to come.