4 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Fitness

Now more than ever, parents, teachers and anyone working directly with children should be teaching kids the importance of physical activity in their daily lives.

Obesity is a huge crisis in the United States and in other developed countries in the world.

Here are four ways that you can get your kids interested in fitness with ease.

Mother Nature

A light hike along one of your favorite trails is a fun way to incorporate nature and physical fitness.

Your kids can collect rocks, leaves, pinecones and other treasures while you all get some fresh air and exercise.

Make a tradition out of hiking to a beautiful location and camping as a family before hiking out again.

Your kids will be looking forward to this tradition every year and will beg to go on practice hikes in preparation for this tradition as well.

Let the Music Play

Physical fitness does not need to involve any fancy equipment or scheduled activities.

The simple notion of upbeat music alone may have them wriggling in their seats; music equals movement.

If you have more than one child, you can play a fun dance-off competition game right in your own living room. Not only does this activity promote family togetherness, but it also gives kids an opportunity to express themselves creatively and show off their dance skills.

Grab a pen and a notebook and list each child’s name down in a column. Put on one of their favorite songs and encourage them to creatively dance around the room to their delight.

Before you know it, an hour or more will have passed, and they will have burned hundreds of calories.

Most importantly, this is a game you can turn into a nightly or weekly event; your kids will cherish this time they spend with you.

Off-Season Sports

There is something undeniably cool about swimming in a pool in the middle of winter or snowshoeing in the sand in the summer.

Your kids can play any summer sport indoors during the winter months and even during the summer months, they can enjoy winter activities such as ice skating.

Kids love originality and being the only one in their group of friends who is doing something unexpected.

Buy a membership at a local hotel or gym with an indoor pool, and bring your kids to swim in the cold winter months.

Involve Charity

Running or walking a mini-marathon and participating in an obstacle course event is a great way to make exercise fun for your kids. It also encourages family togetherness.

Pick running events tied to charities and help raise funds and awareness for a cause.

You can also find other active service opportunities that can benefit others in your community and teach your kids how to be thoughtful of others while doing something fun and active together.

Statistics show that when you engage kids in a regular physical fitness routine that combines the benefits of heart-pumping cardiovascular exercise with fun and games, there is a much higher probability that they will go on to lead healthy and active lives as they get older.

And as they grow, they can find workout routines that fit their preferences and goals.

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