3 Snacks to Help You Build Muscle and Burn Fat During a Workout

So many people today are trying to slim down while putting on some muscle. Aerobic exercise and weight training are both integral parts of any plan to build muscle and lose weight, but fueling your body is also essential. Most people know that you need protein to build muscle and energy-packed snacks to make it through your workout routine. And if you’re looking for some ideas on what foods to eat to get these sources of fuel, check out these three ideas.


Incorporating tuna into your weekly diet is a great way to get lean protein. While tuna salad sandwiches are a classic meal, full-fat mayonnaise has 90 calories and 10 grams of fat per tablespoon, and most people eat more than a tablespoon. If you’re close to your daily fat and calorie intake, you can swap the mayonnaise for a substitute. Hummus, which has one and a half grams of fat and 25 calories per serving, adds a creamy texture to tuna salad.  Spoon University, also recommends using hummus on a grilled veggie wrap or grilled chicken sandwich. Plus, hummus is made with olive oil, which is good for your heart. For a treat, you can also try mixing tuna with avocado. This fruit has many vitamins and healthy fats, too. But don’t eat too much of it. Although the fats are healthy, it’s still fat and calories, and this can derail your efforts if you’re trying to lose weight.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit, such as raisins, dried figs, and dried apricots, contain many nutritional benefits, such as vitamins and antioxidants, and dried fruit is a great source of energy. Treblab explains that dried fruit is dense in energy-boosting calories, so it makes a great alternative to the traditional pre-workout energy drink. But avoid the candied varieties, which have sugar on the outside that provides no additional nutritional benefits. Otherwise, a box of raisins is a quick, easy, and nutritious snack to have shortly before your workout.


Sportspeople often avoid incorporating nuts into their diet since they are typically high in fat and calories. In reality, nuts have several energy-boosting properties that can carry you through a workout. Borges explains that walnuts are rich in healthy fats that can work to boost strength and performance during a workout. The healthy fats from nuts also have anti-inflamatory properties, which can support joint function. They also have electrolytes, which can prevent muscle cramping.

Although you might want to lose weight, you need to fill your body with nutritious foods so that you can power through even the toughest workout routines. And when you put on muscle, maintaining your weight will be even easier.
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